Helping Individuals and Families Thrive

Hello and welcome to my page.  This is a place where you can explore my life, thoughts, and the current events of
Wayne Haines Counseling.

I am passionate about parenting and families!  I have worked with families and adolescents for more than 20 years in a variety of contexts.  I take great pleasure in bringing hope to troubled families and family members.  As a parent myself I understand the struggles parents can endure and how alone children can feel.  

One area of life that I am particularly passionate about is the area of divorce.  Being a product of a divorced home I understand the struggle that the family faces as divorce forever changes the family.  Even though divorce forever changes the make up of the family there is hope!  There are ways to mend, heal, and thrive in life post divorce.  I strive to help families discover new ways to thrive and move forward in life.

Please continue to explore my site to learn more about me and how I view life, counseling, and mental health as a whole.  I hope to bring you insight and challenge your thinking about what mental health is.  I am especially interested in parenting, adolescents, and young adults; therefore I will be focusing much of my attention in this area.