Hard is Hard

Recently I was listening to a trainer speaking about getting into shape verses staying out of shape.
The trainer put the dynamic into terms like this. 
It’s hard getting into shape!  Waking up early; working hard; pushing; burning muscles; sweating!
It’s hard not being healthy.  You don’t feel good; sick and tired of being sick and tired; you don’t like how you look in the mirror; you wish you felt better.
The point is that both are hard! 
Pick your hard!
As a therapist I hear often that therapy and change is hard.  My response is yes it is.  And so is life as you know it.
Let’s just face it. 
Life is hard!
No matter which way we turn eventually it will be hard; and that’s okay!  Hard is where we grow.  Hard is where we change.  Hard is where we find out what we are made of.
If you do nothing but what you’ve always been doing it will be hard.  If you push into the unknown and uncomfortable it will be hard.  One of those has a greater reward.  One of those helps you be the person you want to be.  One of is far more rewarding.
Both are hard!
Which will you choose?  The couch?  The chair?  The unchanged life?  Or the you you’ve always wanted to be.
It’s your choice and no one can do it for you.
Choose wisely.